Creamy ice-cream/sorbet

Now let’s do dessert! This ice-cream cum sorbet is made of entirely frozen fruit and is very simple to make! The ice cream/sorbet needs a base of frozen bananas for creaminess. Then you can add whatever frozen fruit you want. I made mine with frozen blackberries. You can make with a juicer (I use an old Champion with the blank plate), a food processor with the S-blade, or probably a VitaMix. It was so delicious we ate all of it in one night!

Sorbet—makes four small servings

  • 4 frozen bananas, broken into thirds
  • 2 cups frozen fruit

Puree the fruit in the food processor or in a VitaMix, or push through your juicer using an accessory that pulverizes the fruit and ejects without separating juice from pulp. Yes, that’s it!

January 2013 005